The partner of choice for community-based arts and creative education



To be the partner of choice for community-based arts and creative education in order to promote cultural sustainability and placemaking



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Utilise arts and culture for community development and social transformation


Create platforms for inter-generational cultural interaction and transmission


Develop the critical, creative, and aesthetic capacity of young people and cultural workers


Projects & Services


Creative Arts Education

Our programmes are diverse in form and execution, utilising artistic media such as visual, performing, literary and culinary arts as tools for participants to explore their subject matter and engage with their community.

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Research & Interpretation

Arts-ED has been engaged by local and regional organisations to conduct research on various topics pertaining to culture and heritage education. We provide survey, mapping and consultation work with communities, research and also writing for manuals and other resources.

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Cultural Mapping

Conducted to map community assets and resources, cultural mapping takes note of historical, social, economic and environmental data in a site. The collected data is then used to facilitate cultural appraisal for future conservation and development.

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Arts-ED provides training in designing creative and participatory programs using the arts approach. This includes building skills like facilitation, developing creative program and community engagement. Participants are trained in leadership skills by using self-discovery, experiential learning and creative thinking as a methodology.

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Annual Report

Growing Steady

Download our 2018 Annual Report for a more detailed account of our efforts last year. The report covers key initiatives, achievements and challenges of the organisation and a summary of our 2018 projects.

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Arts-ED is the winner of the prestigious Wenhui (文 晖) Award for Educational Innovation 2013. The theme that year was Educational Innovation for Cultural Expression. Established by the National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO and coordinated by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID), the award aims to recognise the contributions of educators and institutions which have optimized the potential of education and the human innovative spirit to address and resolve pressing issues and problems facing our world today.


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