Join us

Read about how you can get involved and APPLY to be a part of our exciting community-based arts and culture education programmes.



Push your skills and abilities in your areas of interest within our organisation’s varied portfolios.


  • Experience or studies in the humanities, social sciences or other relevant fields would be useful.



If you are an artist with a heart for creative education, connect with us to design programmes that help young people understand their own rich cultural heritage.


  • Proficiency in an art field of choice

  • Ability to design educational programmes for youths

  • Willingness to facilitate student learning



Join our team of dedicated volunteer-facilitators trained to conduct fun, interactive cultural heritage education programmes for young people within the George Town World Heritage Site.


  • Interested in cultural heritage

  • Passionate about sharing it with youths

  • Enthusiastic about hands-on activities

  • Fluent in Malay, English or Mandarin

  • Able to attend an average of 8 days of weekend trainings and volunteer sessions in a year


School sign-up

Want your students to experience one of our programmes? Choose from our list when you apply.

Your school must be:

  • A public school located in Penang

  • Interested in interactive, experiential learning

  • Willing to pay for own transport and food (programmes are free)