Heritage Education Made Fun!

Penang Monthly - March 2019

Over the years and outside the classroom, several local organisations have come up with creative ways to make learning fun for youths.

In Penang, Arts-ED, a non-profit organisation that innovates community-based arts and culture education; and George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI), the state agency for heritage that protects and promotes George Town’s architectural and cultural inheritance; work together to organise the Cultural Heritage Education Programme (CHEP), which has been running since 2016.

CHEP aims to teach youngsters about local cultural heritage through creative educational projects. One of their endeavours is the Youth Arts Camp (YAC), which is endorsed by the Penang state government.

YAC is a place-based learning programme that uses creative arts workshops as a device to help students understand the cultural heritage of a local wet market. It engages students with “real place, real people and real issues,” says Chen Yoke Pin, project manager of CHEP.

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Chen Yoke Pin