Traditional Children's Games in Penang (2010 - 2011)

traditional games.jpg

Arts-ED was commissioned by UNESCO to conduct a research documenting traditional children’s games in Penang, Malaysia. This was part of a regional project documenting traditional children’s games in four different countries in Southeast Asia: Luang Pra Bang (Lao PDR), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Penang (Malaysia), the Northern region and Bangkok (Thailand). 

As a follow up from the documentation, Arts-ED developed an activity guide for the integration of games into subject teaching. The game-based curriculum spells out how games can benefit the teaching of concepts and skills relevant to each subject area. Teachers may incorporate ideas from the game-based curriculum into formal classroom teaching or use it in co-curricular activities. 

Children’s games CD available for reference at Arts-ED’s office. It features interactive cartoon animation accompanied by three short documentary films of children's games in Thailand.

Chen Yoke Pin