Register for Capacity Building Programme for Teachers "Place-based Learning (PBL): Real-life Classroom in the 21st Century"


With the 2013-2025 Malaysian Education Blueprint being implemented, local educators are increasingly under pressure to adopt 21st century learning approaches in their practice. Yet many are still seeking for tools and methods that engage their students on a deeper level while developing their 21st century learning skills.


If you’re a teacher and the scenario above sounds familiar to you, we invite you to participate in the Capacity Building Programme for Teachers. Developed under the Cultural Heritage Education Programme (CHEP), this programme is aimed at teachers like you to develop your competency in designing and implementing the Place-based Learning (PBL) method as an effective way of engaging young learners.

Led by an experienced training team from Arts-ED, this programme consists of 2 levels: Basic and Advanced. In the Basic workshop, teachers will understand basic PBL concepts and pilot a PBL project in their schools. Teachers who have completed the Basic workshop will be eligible for the Advanced workshop, where they will be coached in how to incorporate multiple subjects into their PBL project and tools for effective student learning.

Visit to download the Capacity Building Programme Sign-up Package containing:

A1: Invitation Letter for the Capacity Building Programme

A2.1: Permission Letter from the Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Timur Laut Pulau Pinang

A2.2: Permission Letter from the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri

A3: Info Kit for the Capacity Building Programme for Teachers

A4: Participation Form

Please complete and email your participation form to no later than 5 May 2019, Sunday.