Launching: Tabletop Game Inspired by Five-Foot Ways of George Town


After numerous play-tests and 15 revisions over the past two years, Arts-ED is proud to announce the launch of Kaki Lima, a tabletop game inspired by the five-foot ways in George Town, Penang!


Kaki Lima is designed by Goh Choon Ean, with illustrations by Charis Loke - both of whom are our Committee Members - and co-produced by LUMA and Arts-ED. The game aims to serve as a creative cultural heritage education tool that promotes public awareness of kaki lima as shared space, and to stimulate larger conversations about liveability and community values.

On the weekend of 20-21 July, Kaki Lima was launched in conjunction with George Town Festival 2019. Over 120 people joined us for a game of Kaki Lima in the kaki lima on Lebuh Acheh and Lebuh Pantai, and two lucky players - the highest scorer on each day - brought home a free set of the game.

Kaki Lima is now available for purchase at RM138 from the following places and people:

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Chen Yoke Pin