2018 Summary

In 2018, we ran 16 projects and 13 workshop and presentations in the following areas:


1. Creative arts & culture education

impacting more than 1800 students


Using specially-designed programmes that are diverse in cultural themes and levels, we highlighted place-based and community-based learning. This was done using various creative tools and media like interactive trails, traditional games, craft, visual, performing and culinary arts.


“Besides learning how to communicate with people, I also learned a traditional art form - how to put on a shadow puppet play.”

— Joshua Yeap, 15, participant.


2. Capacity Building

for 340 educators & cultural practitioners


Arts-ED continues to see the importance of capacity building as a way forward in developing sustainable cultural heritage education.

We introduced a series of teacher training workshops and consultations that advocate Place-based Learning (PBL) as a teaching methodology. Teachers that went through the training were empowered to plan and execute their own projects. This year saw the launching of 3 pilot schools (Sekolah Budaya Warisan) with their very own school-led cultural heritage education projects.

Arts-ED’s capacity building extended beyond local shores to engage with international organisations. We were invited to conduct workshops in the area of creative arts education and PBL with educators as well as cultural practitioners outside of Malaysia.


“PBL training programme put me through programming a syllabus and structuring a lesson plan. The execution of the project becomes more systematic and smoothly run through this process.”

— Choo Poh Lean, teacher from SMK Air Itam


3. Documentation & Interpretation


Five Arts Centre’s and Arts-ED’s archival collection from 1978-2013 is now available online at Arts Education Archive Malaysia (AEAM). The collection features selected case studies along with interpretative articles.


4. Network & Exchange


Through workshops, talks, and conferences, Arts-ED shared and exchanged experiences with Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, and Nepal in the areas of youth engagement and empowerment, creative arts & cultural heritage education and community engagement.

Place-based Learning workshop with Teach for Nepal fellows.

Place-based Learning workshop with Teach for Nepal fellows.