Kaki Lima Tabletop Game: Cultural Heritage Education through Gamification


Employing gamification as a creative tool for cultural heritage education, Kaki Lima is a light strategy game inspired by walking around Penang’s George Town. Players navigate their way as pedestrians through a grid of five-foot ways in order to complete personal and collaborative tasks. 

Featuring real locations in George Town, Kaki Lima highlights the city’s cultural assets and the issue of accessibility of five-foot ways of traditional shophouses in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tabletop game aims to promote public awareness of kaki lima as shared space and to stimulate larger conversations about livability and community values.

Kaki Lima is designed by Goh Choon Ean, with illustrations by Charis Loke - both of whom are Arts-ED’s Committee Members - and co-produced by LUMA and Arts-ED. 

Available at Arts-ED Office: +604 2633 471 

Please make an appointment before visiting.

Kaki Lima can also be purchased from the following places:

LUMA (during GameGeeks every second weekend of the month)

Centlus Board Game Exchange

Rojak Culture

Kohii Boardgame Cafe and via their online store: https://shop.kohii.my/product/kaki-lima-by-luma/

Vivae Board Game Cafe

Boardgamecafe.net via their online store

Meeples - European Boardgame Cafe and via their online store

Gerakbudaya Bookshop - Penang

Areca Books

Chen Yoke Pin